The following list includes some of the best programs for aspiring lawyers. Since most volunteer and legal internship opportunities for high school students are local, this list mostly includes national summer programs that anyone can apply for. Intensive Law & Trial allows you to immerse yourself in the theory and practice of law and develop a roadmap to becoming a lawyer. In this 10-day program, you will be exposed to the practice of law, legal rhetoric, and ethics by outstanding jurists, including professors at Stanford Law School. You will also develop and practice essential legal skills, such as effective opening and closing arguments, case preparation, and preparing witnesses for cross-examination. When it comes to opportunities to explore the pre-college legal profession, there are four main areas you should consider: On the other hand, legal internships give you the opportunity to gain real work experience at a law firm. You`ll see what a lawyer`s day-to-day job really looks like, and you`ll likely get some great college recommendation letters! When does the ILS take place and where does it take place? SLI takes place for five weeks during the summer and usually begins the week after the end of the New York Department of Education`s school year. You will be assigned to one of eight law schools: Cardozo School of Law, Columbia Law School, CUNY School of Law, Fordham School of Law, NYU School of Law, St. John`s School of Law.

attitudes (self-confidence; high academic and professional goals; understanding of how to succeed in a professional environment; understanding of their individual strengths, values, passions and challenges; Motivation for active participation and leadership in the community) But that`s not all universities are interested in. Universities and law schools also want to see that you are motivated and focused on academic success. So don`t forget to take courses that can help you prepare for a legal career. Mentorship and other activities that support youth educational and professional activities after completing the summer program Get an overview of actual legal practice – the courtroom, law firm, newsroom and boardroom – and explore what it really means to work as a lawyer. (continued) That said, internships and summer volunteering are a great way to explore the many possible areas of law that you might one day practice. However, don`t worry too much if you can`t find an internship or law firm where you can volunteer while you`re still in high school – you`ll have more of these opportunities once you get to college! At Tufts, our pre-college programs offer ambitious high school students the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty and experience rigorous academics at a leading college. Our summer programs combine the academic rigor of a top 30 university with a vibrant community of inspired learners and an engaging virtual campus. (continued) Of course, summer road trips are fun. But if you want to become a lawyer, a summer law program can help you learn more about your future profession! This program introduces students to the legal system and major areas of law and focuses on teaching the skills required for a legal career, such as: analytical thinking, public speaking and writing, persuasion techniques, and negotiation.

Schools want to accept motivated students, so when you talk in detail about your experiences at clubs, courses, summer programs, or internships you`ve attended, show them how ready you are to excel at their school. The goal of the SLI is to improve the essential skills for students to progress successfully in high school, college, and law school. Fellows attend interactive sessions that develop skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking, professional etiquette, financial literacy, and public speaking. Through a unique program designed to enhance these skills, the SLI program inspires diverse students to pursue graduate studies and careers in the legal profession. This is because high school students are considered minors. This means that lawyers need to be careful about the information they expose you to. This is especially true if the law firm handles high-profile cases. In addition, your school schedule will conflict with law firm hours for most of the year, limiting your ability to work there.

The World Scholars Academy offers elite career courses for children aged 12 to 18, taught by the world`s leading professional researchers. Discover your future career path and accelerate your success with a high-level introduction to the leading fields of business, medicine, law, engineering and computer science, led by the world`s most accomplished educators. (continued) As a volunteer at a law firm, you`ll likely do the same things as an articling student – mostly office work supporting lawyers and paralegals. Like high school legal rotations, volunteer opportunities at a law firm can be helpful, but hard to find. High school law internships, summer programs, and high school opportunities allow you to explore legal careers before you even get to university. We`ll explain everything you need to know about these programs, including: Key to each Summer Law Institute is the unique learning experience created by volunteer corporate and law firm lawyers who actively work with students. Through competency-based volunteering, which allows lawyers to share their experience and talents, students gain a unique insight into the legal profession that is personal and insightful, while law firms and corporations have a unique opportunity to come together and empower the next generation of promising researchers. Sponsorship funds are used to ensure that JTB pipeline programs remain 100% free for young students who are accepted into the program.

Yale Young Global Scholars invites students from more than 150 countries and all 50 U.S. states to spend two weeks at Yale University to attend an academic session of their choice. Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE) is a session designed for students interested in understanding various economic theories, government values and practices, and legal frameworks from a historical and comparative perspective. (continued) Make the most of this summer with NYU! Discover a wide range of intensive, week-long, professional-focused study options, offered remotely by faculty members who are experts in their field. Gain knowledge and experience that show your interest in a topic while interacting online with students from around the world. (continued) Whether you`re taking advanced courses related to the skills you need to become a lawyer, joining a debate club or student government, attending a summer program, or articling on, you should record your experience. You`ll also visit the law school to see what it looks like, attend lectures given by forensic and legal experts from major law firms and the Department of Justice, and receive hands-on leadership training. Previous guest speakers have even included Supreme Court justices! You also have the option to enroll in an additional course to earn college credits. Another potential problem is that most internships are time-consuming and unpaid, so if you need a summer job to earn money, you may not be able to do an internship either. If you`re thinking about becoming a lawyer in the future, you may have heard the advice that working as a legal practitioner maximizes your chances of being accepted to law school. However, legal internships for high school students are hard to find.

The Summer Institute in Law (SLI) is a five-week summer law program for students who have just completed their eighth year of school. The Summer Law Institute urges aspiring ninth graders to think of themselves as young education professionals. The program exposes them to positive and successful role models, engages them in professional pursuits, and sets them on a path that can lead to achieving their dreams. Students who complete the SLI can apply to our 4-year College Bound program. In this program, students can explore how government, law, and ethics work to shape political and legal systems in the United States. It focuses on how the idea of «law» works in the real world to create power structures in America. Building on the interests and assets that young people already possess, and if you`d like to spend more time working on your debating and speaking skills, the Stanford National Forensic Institute also offers several summer programs! Looking for more information to prepare for a career in the legal field? Check out our article on the five steps to becoming a lawyer to give you an idea of what you can do in high school to get your career off to a good start. Our summer programs are open to anyone in the legal profession interested in legal education. For over 30 years, we have been offering lawyers, judges, pre-LL.M. Students and lawyers from around the world have the opportunity to study in our summer programs at the University of California, Davis School of Law. Here are this summer`s highlights: Students may also specialize in specific areas such as business or entrepreneurship, human rights, social justice, ethics, or sports and entertainment. By participating in experiential learning such as mock trials and group projects, students prepare for legal and non-legal careers.

Immersion in law can lay the foundation for work in business, journalism, medicine, and many other fields. Summer law programs are offered in residential, virtual/online and commuter formats.