We place the best virtual lawyers with law firms nationwide and offer ongoing support to increase sales. Our articling positions include experienced paralegals, admissions specialists, executive assistants and more on a part-time basis. Our mediation process is based on years of experience and expertise in achieving the goals of your practice. Whether your needs are IOLTA`s intake staff, staff, paralegals, paralegals or accountants, we provide ongoing support to ensure the game continues to run and thrive. Our experienced legal accountants structure your books and produce monthly reports tailored to your needs – to ensure you are compliant. Woven Legal is a legal management consulting firm. The company helps law firms find and onboard approved virtual paralegals, as well as provide onboarding and accounting assistance to clients. We have a single focus: law firms. We understand that they have unique needs, cultures and goals. Each client is guided through our proven process of scoring and placement of discoveries, refined by years of experience to ensure the best possible outcome. We support your admissions process by providing knowledgeable staff and streamlined registration procedures – helping to eliminate paper and increase the number of leads who become customers. It`s the worst-case scenario when someone you`ve hired just doesn`t work, but how the lawyer fears you The post Lawyer Fear: Common Fears Lawyers Face appeared first on Woven Legal Since the beginning of our relationship with Woven Legal, we have appreciated and benefited from the depth with which they take the time to understand the position, for which you are hiring.

as well as considering a balance between a candidate whose skills match the position and a candidate who would fit well with the culture of our company. They know how to practice law. We know how to recruit the best talent. Together, we are helping to build a law firm that makes lawyers shine. We are experienced matchmakers and prove that Woven Legal`s high-level investments create partnerships that thrive over the long term. Reflections on the legal transaction, the decisions lawyers face and how to build a successful and profitable practice. As a client of Woven Legal, we have been able to grow seamlessly in this world of remote work. Working together seems like a natural way to grow and evolve our business. Finding qualified candidates who are not in our region has made this process much more inclusive. If we are hiring for a role that can be virtual, I turn to Woven Legal knowing that the process will be smooth and efficient.

We won`t let you go alone, even if we fit in so well that you may not need us. But when you do, you have the advantage of being a relationship manager throughout the partnership. It`s very frustrating to post a job, look for suitable candidates, and realize that you`re just a lot of lawyers who were comfortable working from the office five days a week before the pandemic. We set high expectations from the beginning and worked hard to create a solid foundation for honest communication. This ensures that each game is positioned for continued success. Woven Legal promotes a dynamic and detail-oriented work culture. This organization values the reliability and integrity of its employees. Remote work has exploded since 2020, when offices around the world were closed as countries battled COVID-19. Woven Legal is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.