The next day, the yard was packed. The whole city, aware of Kasim`s humble character and Ali`s innocent nature, was curious about how their Qazi would solve this problem. Kasim and Ali were both brought before the Qazi. «What!» he thought, «how dare this beggar breathe the smell of my kitchen?» My kitchen! The smell of food cooked with my money! The rogue! I`ll make him pay for it! I will take him to Qazi and demand justice! Boiling with rage, Kasim walked towards Ali`s house. Without saying a single greeting, he called his neighbor. «Ali, you have to pay Kasim for the favor you enjoyed. The court orders you both to come here at the same time tomorrow. By God, justice will be done! Kasim gave Ali a contemptuous look and left with a victorious smile on his lips. Poor Ali was confused. Just as he was leaving, the Qazi called him into a corner and whispered something in his ear. Ali`s face lit up and he rushed home. «You thief, thief! How dare you fly from me! Poor Ali did not understand what theft he was accused of.

Without enlightening, Kasim dragged the poor man to the Qazi. The news spread like wildfire and a large crowd gathered to watch the action. Kasim stood in front of the Qazi and presented his case in a loud and pompous voice. One day, Kasim threw a feast at his home. The smell of all the specialties cooked in his house floated in the wind and spread throughout the neighborhood. Kasim, of course, never bothered to invite his poor neighbor. Instead, he looked from his balcony into his neighbor`s yard. To his dismay, he saw the poor man sitting enjoying the delicious smell coming from his kitchen.

Kasim`s heart almost stopped in shock. Once upon a time there was a poor man named Ali. He worked hard to make a living and was happy with everything he had. Now Ali had a neighbor Kasim, who was as stingy as he was rich. It never gave him pleasure in seeing others, especially his poor neighbors, happy. He was always looking for an excuse to get Ali into trouble. «Don`t you dare touch it!» The sinister voice of the Qazi sounded. «Ali paid you in full.

Just as the smell of your food gave him pleasure, so the sound of his money gave you pleasure. You were reimbursed with the same document – justice was done. The courtroom rang out thunderous applause for the Qazi for his sharp wit and intelligence. The Qazi, his voice still gloomy, continued, «Kasim, pay Ali one hundred gold coins and punishment for harassing your neighbor and disturbing the peace of the house.» Please try the question to explain !!! «Your Honour, this man had the audacity to sit in his garden and enjoy the delicious aroma of food in my kitchen without lifting a finger. I demand payment for the pleasure he had at my expense. Your Honour, you have always been fair, and I am sure you will do justice in this case as well. Explanation: There is no explanation for this answer. «Kasim, aren`t you happy to hear the sound of so many coins?» asked the Qazi. With sparkling eyes, Kasim exclaimed, «Oh Your Honor, the sound of this money gives me the greatest pleasure!» and the greedy man was about to take the piggy bank away from Ali.

He gave us prophets: historical analysis of prophecy Friends of Lent, biblical results of fasting and prayer Indeed, the Qazi was a righteous man, as honorable and spiritual as he was just. He listened calmly – the shock on his face was slowly replaced by a twinkle in his eyes. Now he turned to Ali. «Is what this man says true? Did you appreciate at his expense? «Yes, Your Honour, but I couldn`t help it. Ali was carrying a large box. Kasim`s face flashed with anticipation when he recognized Ali`s piggy bank. «All my money, Your Honor,» Ali said. «Okay. Now shake the box so we can all be sure your box contains money.

Ali shook the piggy bank vigorously, and there was a loud ringing. The Qazi turned to Kasim. «Oh Kasim, doesn`t that sound good?» «Aah, yes, yes, your honor.» «Ali, shake the box again,» the Qazi ordered. Ali obeyed.