Sometimes they are harmful to the virus and this line will die quickly. Sourcing shouldn`t be a bad thing for senior marketers and subsequently agencies, but there`s no doubt that it can hurt some arguments. The disadvantage is most often applied to the conclusion of the contract, since it is an essential element of the consideration, which is a prerequisite for a legally enforceable contract. To suffer a disadvantage is to cement a promise, either by refraining from doing something you have the legal right to do, or by doing something you are not legally obliged to do. The word harmful can be used in many different circumstances to refer to something that is harmful. In this first example, Kaila is at the dentist for the first time since university. Fonda was always ready to speak out, even if it could hurt her career. According to the Merriam-Webster Unabridged English Dictionary and the Cambridge English Dictionary, the word pest (pronounced ˌdɛtrɪˈmɛnt ə l) is an adjective meaning harmful or harmful. This can be used in different ways; It could refer to the harmful effects of pollution on the environment or the harmful effects that fast food at every meal has on health.

This word is very versatile in American English. The adverb form of the word harmful is harmful. Try using this word of the day or other new words in a sentence today! I suggested that it might be possible to get twenty thousand safe people a year by at least socially harmful methods. This happened despite the fact that such flights were so detrimental to mental and physical well-being, not to mention productivity considering the total loss of door-to-door time and even jet lag, he said. All their effect on him was harmful: they made him black. The Bidder has submitted «Annex V» Seller`s assurance of the absence of a defined conflict of interest or effect, signed by an officer or authorized legal representative who confirms that the provision of the Services by the Bidder does not and will not create a conflict of interest with the Bidder, nor does it allow the Bidder to breach any other contract currently in force, the State of New York, and that bidder will not act in a manner detrimental to a New York State project for which the bidder is providing services. And for that reason alone, they can be more harmful to others. harmful, disastrous, harmful, harmful means extremely harmful.

Harmful means irreparable harm caused by harm or insidious deterioration or undermining. The claim that pornography has a harmful effect on society implies harm through poisoning or destruction. The fateful notion that discipline destroys harmful creativity applies to what is both offensive and harmful to the health of a body or mind. Harmful chemical fumes apply to what often has an unexpected harmful effect. A diet that has harmful effects implies obvious harmfulness to something specific. The harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption As a handsome, though detrimental, young bachelor he had been very popular. Do you know the definition of harmful? This article will give you all the information you need about the word pest, including definition, etymology, usage, sample phrases, and more! According to Etymonline, the word pest has been used as an adjective since the 1650s to refer to something that is harmful or harmful. It was also used in the 19th century as a colloquial term for an ineligible suitor wasting the time of a woman seeking to marry. The word pest was formed from the word harmful. Prejudice is a name used since the 15th century to signify some incapacity, and since the middle of the 15th century to designate damage or injury.

This comes from the old French detriment or perhaps directly from the Latin detrimentum, which means a loss or a defeat. The Latin word comes from the past radical participle of deterrence, a verb that means to weaken or alter. Here, among others, we deter and damage associated personnel. The word damage is used to refer to something that has caused damage or injury since the year 1500. Dentist: I see this all the time with students. Often, when they come home from a night of sugary alcoholic beverages, they fall into bed without brushing their teeth. The residue is really harmful to your teeth overnight. Try to keep even a small mouthwash next to your bed and swirl it before going to sleep.

Well, this is very beneficial for the spouse who has a new job in Los Angeles, but harmful for the one who has left a job in New York. There are many different words that can be prosecuted instead of the word harmful. These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that have the same meaning or similar meaning as another word or phrase. Synonyms are a useful English grammatical tool that you should have in your arsenal. They can help you expand your English vocabulary and avoid repeating the same word over and over again. This list of synonyms for the word harmful is provided by Thesaurus. Acts prejudicial to the welfare of the SEF It is a criminal offence to commit an act prejudicial to the interests or well-being of the SEF operated by BSEF. Harmful is a formal way of saying «harmful».

Anything that is harmful hurts, hinders or mitigates something. Harmful things hurt. Overall, the word harmful is an adjective used to refer to something that is harmful or harmful. This word can be used in both general and specific contexts. The word pest is of Latin origin. Alternative forms of the word harmful include the noun dedication and the adverb degrading. The turbulent water caused one of his oars to crack, which, without an engine or sail, can seriously affect his journey. The company has eased concerns about rising prices and the negative impact on competition and consumer choice. There are also many different words that mean the opposite of the word harmful. These are called antonyms.

Anonyms are another useful English grammatical tool that you can use to expand your vocabulary. This list of antonyms for the word harmful is also provided by Thesaurus. Here, Kaila`s dentist discusses the harmful effects that not brushing her teeth after a night of alcohol consumption can have on the health of her teeth, despite brushing them frequently. There are many different languages that also contain words that mean harmful. You will notice that many of these words look the same and sound the same. These are called related words, which are words that look, sound and mean similar in different languages. Cognates are often formed when two words or languages share a common root or ancestors such as Latin or Greek. This list of translations for the malicious word is provided by Word Sense. Since the term «gig economy» was first uttered, its negative impact on workers has been consistently reported, but the pandemic has raised public awareness of exactly how they are hurting the restaurant industry.

What we can do to correct, ensure or perfect our healthy tissues will have a detrimental effect on another part of our body. According to this comparison, we have the right to reject them if we consider them harmful to the well-being of humanity. In the end, these services proved detrimental to restaurants, even those who never signed up for their services. Have you ever heard «Smoking can be harmful to your health» and wondered what it means? This means that smoking is bad for your health: it will harm you in many ways. Harmful is a more formal and formal way of talking about things that cause harm. A dog that likes to dig holes can be harmful to a garden. If you are writing an article and want to choose an alternative to the pest that seems more formal, harmful is a good choice. For each subcontract valued at $100,000 or more, the Contractor must, in accordance with section 4.05, obtain and retain a completed Supplier Declaration Form without conflict of interest or adverse effects on the part of the Subcontractor prior to the performance of the Subcontract. If any provision relating to harmful activities or any other provision set forth in the Plan or in a supply agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitrator to be invalid, void or unenforceable, or if it is overly broad in terms of duration, activity, geographic application, or purpose, such provision shall be construed to limit or reduce it to the extent permitted by law. to be enforceable to the fullest extent consistent with the law then in force.

The presence of external mercury contamination can be determined in accordance with MIL-STD-2041D, Control of Harmful Materials. The determination of whether the participant has engaged in adverse activities will be made in good faith by the Committee, at its discretion, and the expiry of the limitation period and the delivery of shares relating to the Restricted Stock Units will be suspended until the Committee reaches a resolution following an investigation into the matter.