The X22R motorcycle is equipped with traffic lights (front and rear), DOT-approved headlights with high beams and low beams, an improved gold-plated front fork, electric push-button start, LED rear brake lights, improved performance tires that embrace the ground, pierced rotors with performance brake calipers, hydraulic disc brakes, 17-inch front and rear wheels, MPH digital speedometer with rev indicator, 5-gallon lockable gas tank and a high-performance CDI that gives the X22 extra torque and power at launch! Red Fox Powersports is proud to present this Honda CBR Clone Sports motorcycle with 250cc 4-stroke vertical engine with chain drive and 5-speed clutch system. That`s all a sports fan wants, except for a daily price of 1/4 or even 1/5 price of a Honda. We know it`s not «Honda», but for the price and appearance, you can`t go wrong. It`s fun to ride with it and it will make a great beginner bike for practice. Also with a push-button electric start, 17-inch performance tires that embrace the ground, cross-drilled rotors with performance brake calipers, a MPH digital speedometer with speedometer, and a 4.5-gallon lockable gas tank. aThis full-size premium motorcycle is carb approved and can be registered in all 50 states, including California! The brand new redesigned Venom Motorsports x22R motorcycle has arrived! And it`s bigger than ever in terms of size and size today. The Venom X22R also has a 5-speed 250cc CBR 4-stroke engine! Only available in manual transmission for real experienced cyclists! The all-new x22-R motorcycle is factory tuned with a top speed of 90 mph. 250cc sports bike, 17-inch 2-tone aluminum Ferris wheel, 5-speed clutch transmission, dual halogen headlights, racing decal. Belmonte Bikes is pleased to introduce the all-new 2022 Venom X22R MAX 250cc fuel injection motorcycle! This model comes in a 6-speed 250cc 4-stroke EFI fuel injection engine that helps you reach a top speed of 90 mph, so you can take this bike on all roads including highways!aThe X22R MAX is equipped with large 17-inch front + rear aluminum rims and the body is equipped with a high-strength steel frame for not only build a high-quality body. but keeps the bike fully stable even at high speeds.aThis model also has other improvements such as improved front + rear hydraulic disc brakes, a padded double leather seat and a high-performance ecu system that gives the x22R MAX the extra torque and power to handle any adventure! This full-size motorcycle is even equipped with stylish features such as LED headlights, traffic lights, rear taillight and the all-new BLUE decorative light on the head.

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